BCYS in Brief

The Burundian Council of Young Scientists (BCYS) is a scientific association without profit of young women and men who are especially in academia. Founded in the fall of 2016, the BCYS aims to build a new ecosystem of researchers from different areas of research and participate in capacity building to handle development challenges and boost the country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Members are from all areas of science (mathematics, physics, engineering, etc.) even those from social and communication sciences are welcomed.

The objectives of those young women and men are:

      • Being an incubator of scientists (we want that the Council becomes an incubator of future senior scientists).

      • Contribute to the development of Science in Burundi (we want to participate in different scientific research activities in our region which are focusing on the 17 sustainable development goals).

      • Play a role of interface between senior researchers from diaspora and local research institutions including universities (we want amongst others to help students in Burundi get or keep in touch with engaged and willing Burundian scientists in diaspora or in Africa).

      • Organise pitches to stimulate young students to be creative and innovative in science and technology. Thus, link them to entrepreneurs and companies which can invest in their innovative ideas.

      • Provide guidance for undergraduate students who want to pursue their postgraduate education.